Careful Notes on What Works at B2B Events


To maximize your attendance and get the most from your B2B event, make sure you take careful notes. Plan your agenda, track results, and consider the mix of industries. This article will help you plan your next event. Follow the tips to maximize your attendance and get the most out of your next trade show. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to success. And remember to follow up on the opportunities you create at these events.

Focus on objectives

Event organizers often cite eight key event objectives: generating new qualified leads, improving the sales pipeline, retaining current clients, increasing the number of transactions, and boosting the total dollar value of clients. Depending on the type of event, these objectives can be categorized into several categories. Listed below are three common objectives for B2B events:

Plan for follow-up

A B2B event can be a great opportunity to connect with potential customers and leads. There are many different ways to follow up, and a post-event follow-up email is a great way to get in front of your leads. Consider using content marketing and content-rich templates for your follow-up emails. Use educational resources to display your expertise and provide additional insight into your product or service. Include an FAQ page or blog post. These resources can also serve as your “safety net” call-to-action. You can keep the content relevant, but still encourage leads to engage and benefit from it.

Track results

In order to measure the success of your business events, you should use metrics that indicate which attendees become customers. Conversions are a key measure because they take time to happen in the B2B sales cycle. By tracking these metrics every few months, you can see if your business events are turning leads into customers. You can also compare the number of customers acquired at an event to the number of attendees to understand scale. In addition, you can measure how many existing customers you converted after attending an event.

Consider industry mix

When planning your next event, consider the industry mix. B2B events in India target other businesses, but they also bring together multiple brands. Attendees have a specific purpose in mind, and you have a higher level of responsibility to create the right environment and circumstances. To help you plan a successful event, consider the following tips. o Make the event unique. Incorporate luxury elements. Luxury elements may include thought-provoking lectures, think-tanks with industry leaders, and a chance to sample products not yet available on the market.

Automate lead-capture process

To increase your sales conversions, you need to automate your lead-capture process at B2B tradeshows and events. While most lead capture is done on paper, most events are taking place on the web. Despite this, you can still get an excellent lead list by using the event registration form. Depending on the event, it can also help you personalize follow-up emails.

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