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Proper research is a must when choosing a cleaning company to provide janitorial services for your business. Don’t just go with the first result you see when you Google cleaning companies near me or business cleaning services NJ. You must closely look at a cleaning business’ portfolio to see if they provide the following features or else you may not get the bang for your buck.

The authorities have lifted the lockdown and allowed the business to operate on the condition that they follow the guidelines and SOPs to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Since your in-house staff isn’t trained to clean and disinfect the office to avoid COVID-19 scare, reason suggests that the best possible option would be to outsource your business cleaning services. Corporate office cleaning services NJ provides a ton of benefits for your business and helps you follow guidelines.


Look for a cleaning company that has ample experience in providing commercial cleaning services in NJ. Commercial cleaning is the keyword here because a cleaning business with experience in residential cleaning may not have the tools, skills, and training required to clean commercial spaces. You can easily find the information about a cleaning company’s experience on their website. It is pertinent to note here that Complete Care Maintenance has over 55 years of experience providing business cleaning services in NJ.


Every successful business operates within a pre-defined budget to stay profitable and always choose affordable yet quality options for everything they need. Commercial cleaning service NJ is no exception. When searching for a corporate office cleaning service in NJ, you must choose one that provides high-quality commercial janitorial services without breaking your bank. Remember that affordability doesn’t mean cheapest; it means quality services at a reasonable price. If you wish to sanitize your office space to prevent the indirect spread of the coronavirus, you’ll have to train your in-house staff and buy the necessary equipment, which can be costly. Instead, you can outsource your business office cleaning to Complete Care Maintenance and focus on your more crucial tasks.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling is another important feature to look out for in a corporate office cleaning services NJ. The cleaning company should provide janitorial services when convenient for you to avoid any adverse impact on teamwork and productivity. To put it in other words, they must work according to your schedule, not the other way around.

Punctuality and Consistency

Flexible scheduling, punctuality, and consistency go hand in hand when talking about a business cleaning service NJ. Find a cleaning company that is known for upholding commercial cleaning schedules and hold a repute for their consistency. This will allow you to keep your office space nice and clean around the clock.

An Extensive Services Portfolio

An extensive services portfolio is perhaps one of the most important things to look for in a cleaning company. This feature is essential because you need a single commercial cleaning service in NJ to provide all kinds of janitorial services that you may need. Make a list of services that you may need and check with your shortlisted companies to see if they cover those services.

Custom-Made Plans

In order to get the most possible value within a limited budget, you must find a cleaning company that allows you to customize the janitorial services plan. The cleaning services you need and the frequency at which you need them may be different than other businesses. For instance, you may need your floor cleaned every day but need your building’s windows cleaned once every month; a good corporate office cleaning services NJ will allow you to create your own custom made plan.

Industry-Specific Capabilities

Specialized cleaning is required for businesses of different industries. For instance, a business belonging to the medical industry will require different types of services than a business in the food industry for obvious reasons; hence when choosing a business cleaning services in NJ, be sure to go for one that enjoys specialized tools that your business needs.

Clear Communication

If you want a cleaning business to provide year-round commercial cleaning services, then it is important to choose one with a clear means of communication. This feature will allow you to build a successful business relationship, get answers to your questions, provide feedback on the services you avail while avoiding any roadblocks due to miscommunication.

Safety Trained

Make sure that the cleaning company you hire has safety standards in place and trains its employees to follow standards when working on-site. This will allow you to minimize the chances of any unfortunate accidents happening in your office space. This aspect is integral when it comes to cleaning office buildings to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

High Employee Standards

As the cleaning company employees would be regularly visiting your facility, be sure that the company you hire must have high employee standards in place. Ask them beforehand if they have their own team or they are planning to hire subcontractors. Prefer those companies who perform background checks on their employees before hiring because at the end of the day, every employer would like only reliable and trustworthy members to have access to their commercial facility.

Insurance and License

Make sure that the company you hire to provide commercial cleaning services NJ has liability insurance and the license to operate within the state of New Jersey. The insurance will protect your interest if any issues occur within your facility.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Option

Make sure that the company providing corporate office cleaning services NJ has an eco-friendly cleaning option. This allows you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and eliminate or reduce your employees’ exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. These chemicals are dangerous for health; it is best in everyone’s interest that you don’t use them in your building.

Encouraging Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can tell you a lot about a company’s reputation. So before you hire a cleaning company to provide commercial cleaning services NJ, be sure to check out their customer reviews. Several websites allow people to share their experience with a business’s services; you can browse through them to see what other people say about the company you want to hire. If you see a lot of positive reviews, then it means that the company is reliable.

Business Cleaning Services NJ and COVID-19

Frequently touched surfaces in office spaces can become contaminated and contribute to the indirect transmission of the coronavirus if an infected person touches them after sneezing on their hands. With proper cleaning and disinfecting, you can reduce the chances of this type of indirect transmission. At Complete Care Maintenance, we have specially trained staff providing business cleaning services NJ. They follow the guidelines provided by the health authorities, including the World Health Organization and CDC, when cleaning office buildings. We provide business cleaning services NJ for multi-unit office buildings, warehouses and industrial complexes, medical and dental facilities, pharmaceutical and biotech, banks and financial institutions, office suites, educational facilities, malls and retail stores, parking lots and more.

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